PTZ WI-FI Camera

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Indoor/Outdoor Usage


Compatible Device

Mobile, Desktop, Laptop

Power Source

Battery Powered

Connectivity Protocol


Controller Type


Recommended Use

Outdoor Security, Remote Area




A PTZ Wi-Fi camera

short for pan-tilt-zoom Wi-Fi camera, is a versatile security and monitoring device that offers a wider range of control and coverage compared to traditional fixed-view cameras. It’s like having a robotic eye that can scan your surroundings with ease.

Main Features:

• Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: The defining characteristic of a PTZ camera is its ability to move horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and zoom in on specific areas. This lets you remotely survey a large space, get a closer look at details, and track objects in motion.

• Wi-Fi Connectivity: Unlike wired cameras, PTZ Wi-Fi cameras connect to your wireless network, eliminating the need for messy cables and simplifying installation. This also makes them more portable and versatile, allowing you to easily move them to different locations.

• Video Resolution: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras come in various resolutions, with 1080p being the most common for indoor use.

• Night Vision: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras boast powerful night vision capabilities, using infrared LEDs to illuminate the scene even in complete darkness. This ensures 24/7 monitoring and security.

• Motion Detection and Tracking: These advanced PTZ Wi-Fi cameras can detect motion within their field of view and automatically track the moving object, keeping it in focus as it moves. This is particularly useful for tracking intruders or monitoring wildlife.

• Two-Way Audio: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras have built-in microphones and speakers, enabling two-way communication. You can listen to what’s happening remotely and even talk back through the camera.

• Mobile App Control: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras come with dedicated mobile apps that allow you to view live footage, control camera movement, receive alerts, and manage settings from your smartphone or tablet. 

Benefits of Using a PTZ Wi-Fi Camera:

• Enhanced Security: The ability to pan, tilt, zoom, and track movements makes PTZ Wi-Fi cameras ideal for deterring crime and monitoring suspicious activity. They provide a more comprehensive view of your property compared to fixed cameras.

• Remote Monitoring: With Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app control, you can check on your home, pets, or business from anywhere, offering peace of mind and the ability to take action if needed.

• Convenience and Flexibility: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras are easy to install and configure, and their wireless nature makes them perfect for temporary or changing monitoring needs. You can move them around to cover different areas without running new cables.

• Versatility: PTZ Wi-Fi cameras can be used for various purposes beyond security, such as remote baby monitoring, observing wildlife, live streaming events, and video conferencing.


Special Feature:

  1. All-time Color Night Vision
  2. Two-way talk
  3. Intruder Alarm
  4. Motion Detection


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