MD-3003B1 Hand Held Metal Detector

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  1. Ultra high sensitivity. It can detect items within 30mm-60mm.
  2. Easy to operate and simple. Easily adjust sensitivity and alarm mode.
  3. Smart Energy: Works continuously for 40 hours when the battery is fully charged.
  4. Three alarm modes, including light alarm, audible alarm, and vibration alarm, are available for selection.
  5. When the battery is almost exhausted, the detector will sound or vibrate.
  6. When the metal detector is turned on (closed), it will sound or vibrate.
  7. High and low sensitivity are available for selection.
  8. Self-examination: It performs a self-check every time it is started, without manual intervention.


Model MD-3030B1 Working Frequency 22KHz
Power 9V(6F22) Working Voltage 7V-9V
Working Current < 50mA Attachment for free Holster
Control On/Off Switch; Low sensitivity Switch Sensitivity Adjuster Indicator Visual: Red / Green LED Sound: Speaker or Earphone;(Earphone not included)
High Sensitivity 15 millimeter at Pin; 45 millimeters at USD 25 Cent Low Sensitivity Detector only responds to bigger metal objects such as a handgun, knife, etc.
Dimension of Unit 41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm Attachment for order Rechargeable battery ( optional)
Weight of Unit 409G Color Black


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